Energy and utilities

We are Finland's leading industry analytics expert

Together with you, we improve the effectiveness of analytics

Do you spend valuable working time creating the reports yourself? In our opinion, no one should have to make reports, but the reporting should be automated, freeing up time for analysis and business development.

We have more than ten years of experience in utilizing information from the energy industry and we understand the energy industry in depth both in terms of business logic and data

We help you in all aspects of energy, gas and water:

  • Electricity sales
  • Electricity transmission
  • District heating
  • Natural gas
  • Hydrogen
  • Water

And best of all, thanks to our energy business background, we speak a common language with you.

We offer our expertise, e.g. in the following areas:

  • Financial and result reporting and forecasting
  • Customer-specific profitability calculation
  • Network value calculation
  • Use of consumption and measurement data in business operations
  • Monitoring of investments and construction
  • Authority reporting
  • Advanced data analytics such as forecasts, scenarios and machine learning
  • The most important business process and KPI indicators


You spend less time making reports and more time analyzing and developing operations with the help of data
You can see the condition of your decision-supporting data
With information, management becomes easier and analytics provides effectiveness to operations
Using advanced data analytics, moving from reporting to forecasting and comparing forecast to reality

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