Predictions, machine learning and artificial intelligence

We solve the challenges of using prediction, machine learning and artificial intelligence

What is Data Science?

We solve the challenges of using prediction, machine learning and artificial intelligence

Data Science brings together the required knowledge of computer science, for example machine learning, statistics and applied mathematics within business context.

Data Science can be broadly divided into three parts: Deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Data Science is an tool for business development and management, differing from the traditional operational or strategic reporting in that it aims to produce various impact relationships and forecasts of measured phenomena with the help of algorithms.

We have produced many advanced solutions, which can be used to predict different things such as

  • probability of events
  • quantity
  • risk level
  • etc

Or equivalently:

  • Staff turnover or absences
  • Development of the sales pipeline
  • Consumption forecasts (e.g. energy)
  • Delivery times
  • Scenarios
  • etc

Scenario-tools also offer advanced organizations interesting opportunities to quickly understand how changes in various aspects of the operation affect e.g. the aforementioned issues.

What does utilizing scenarios mean in practice?

Let's take an example where you want to find out what is the effect of different things on each other. We then produce scenarios with dependencies from the data collected in your organization. With the help of the analytics application, you can test the effect of different things, i.e. variables, on each other. For example, if you can improve or reduce the risks or costs of one area, how will it affect other areas, or if, for example, staff absences increase, how will it affect the organization's productivity in the future. These were just a few examples.

Fill out the contact request if you have already identified a need or want to think together about how these would benefit your operations.


With the help of an experienced expert, quickly from concept to forecast
You get a view of the future and are able to take proactive measures
Scenarios allow you to explore and model alternative paths

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