Ready HR Analytics

A ready-made solution for multi-source HR analytics

Do you recognize these challenges in your organization:

"The information is scattered in several systems and is compiled manually into excels"

"Staff turnover is at a high level, and we are not able to analyze it properly"

"We collect the need for recruitment in numerous meetings with managers - the situation is deteriorating"

"We take development measures, but we are unable to analyze their effectivity"

"It is difficult to monitor the development of the organization's employees skill levels"

Our solution:

"The information is now in a uniform form. It is very versatile and up-to-date"

"The volatility risk forecast is a great tool! We have been able to prevent the realization of the risk on a personal level"

"We plan recruitments with up-to-date information on additional needs and turnover"

"We record development measures mobile and are able to analyze their impact"

"I can find out the development of skills and skills gaps in an instant"

The solution compiles information from several source systems into a unified data model, provides an overall view of the entire life cycle of the employment relationship and enables analysis and monitoring of the effectiveness of measures.

An easy-to-use but informative user interface where you can filter and drill down to the information you want.

The solution consists of the following areas and views, from which the organization can flexibly adopt the sections it needs:

Entering data:

  • Recording actions and dates
  • HR budget

Reporting and analytics sections:

  • Main view
  • Summary
  • Staff satisfaction - ENPS
  • Staff count - FTE, Head Count, HTV
  • Vacations, absences and absenteeism costs
  • Turnover and costs of turnover
  • Productivity and workload
  • Salary monitoring
  • Recruitment
  • Accidents

Advanced HR analytics and forecasts

  • Sickness absence forecast
  • Turnover forecast
  • Scenarios


Quick to implement and modular
Source system independence - combining data from different source systems using the Ready HR data model
Data, e.g. procedures, can be entered directly from the Power BI application
Ready's advanced analytics can be used to predict long-term absences, turnover and risks can also be given euro values

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