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We refine data into insights to drive results

About us

We are specialised in comprehensive data management, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions

We help our customers achieve effectiveness in daily management of their operations with the help of analytics and act as a development partner in the areas of data platforms, reporting, analytics, forecasting and artificial intelligence. We modernize our customers' analytics environments and quickly deliver a ready-made cloud solution based on the Ready Analytics architecture.

About Us
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Our customers

We provide insightful and actionable analytics solutions for private and public organisations

Here are the organizations that we help to succeed with the help of data platforms and advanced analytics.


"Kyllä saa olla tyytyväinen, kun tätä lopputulosta katsoo niin lopussa kiitos seisoo!"

Jämsän kaupungin johtoryhmän jäsen
Jämsän kaupunki

"Ready:n kanssa työskentely on ollut mutkatonta. Odotan että kumppanimme haastaa ja kehittää myös meitä"

Tatu Tulokas, Henkilöstöjohtaja
Mehiläinen Oy

"Ready:n osaaminen sähköliiketoiminnan prosesseista, käytännöistä ja tiedoista on tukenut meitä Väreen liiketoiminnan aloittamisessa. Ready Solutions on toteuttanut ratkaisut vastuullisesti ja itsenäisesti."

Juha Keski-Karhu, Toimitusjohtaja
Väre Oy

"Ready is an important and agile partner for us, working professionally and with high quality. We can trust their delivery capabilities and competence."

Kimmo Vuori, Head of Datawarehouse Solutions

What we do

We produce advanced analytics from the customer's many data sources, which can be used to take measures and achieve effects in operations

The amount of information and source systems is growing rapidly. We help our customers to efficiently combine data from numerous different sources, form reports from them, and make predictions using advanced machine learning. With these, you can quickly perform analyzes and decide on the necessary measures. It is important to be able to integrate key-performance-indicators into analytics in order to analyze their results and effects.

Our consulting services

We do it this way

Our Ready-made solutions are based on Microsoft's Azure technology platforms, which we adapt to the customer's need.

For basic reporting needs, we deliver a Ready Reporting solution within a day. If you are transitioning from BI reporting to using more advanced analytics, we will deliver a Ready-made cloud solution based on the Ready Analytics architecture within a week. We also deliver Data Platform and Power Platform capabilities to your existing on-premise or cloud environment according to your analytics needs. You can find these ready-made solutions in the Solutions menu.

Our expertise

We support you at all levels of data analytics

Azure pilvi data platform

Data Platform and PaaS

Azure, Data Platform and Power Platform
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Analytiikan kehittäminen

Automation and tools

Implementation and automation of analytics tools and applications
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Ennusteet ja koneoppiminen

Advanced analytics

Development of reports, analytics, forecasts, machine learning, artificial intelligence
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