Advanced analytics

Development of reports, analytics, forecasts, machine learning, artificial intelligence

Development of reports, analytics, forecasts, machine learning, artificial intelligence

More benefits from the analytics are achieved when information from various source systems is combined, reported, analyzed and predicted in new ways. Analytics can also help organizations to develop their operations. We produce Power BI reports for our customers as well as advanced analytics that utilize machine learning algorithms. Utilizing artificial intelligence has become easier and faster thanks to ready-made artificial intelligence methods that have entered the market. We have also commercialized several industry- and function-specific solutions that can be quickly implemented, which you can find in the Solutions menu:


The reports are available regardless of time and place in the office and on mobile devices
With the help of analytics, historical data can be further refined to provide new composite data
Forecasts can be used to look into the future and plan the required measures
Machine learning offers new possibilities for utilizing large amounts of data and finding dependencies
Artificial intelligence can be used to support decision-making

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